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Baking is a manner of cooking food by exposing it to direct heat or heated stones for long time under controlled temperature. Baking is not just limited to cakes, breads and biscuits but practically a wide range of sweet and savory foods such as pies, cookies, tarts, Baati (Indian baked bread consumed in North-West region), Rodgaa (Indian baked bread consumed in east Maharashtra region of India), and snacks can be baked. Baked food often comes up with aromatic food.

Cookery is an art and science of preparing food for consumption by using heat. Cookery is an age-old practice. A primitive human must have found a piece of meat or vegetable cooked in the bushfire by chance.

Our Specialities

Extensive Range

Our products range is extensive and continues to grow with the new ideas and customer demand.

Unique Taste

Our unique cake taste lies into the combination of the quality of the ingredients and our baking process.

Personal Service

We aim for a customized for each and every one of our customers by complimenting exciting new designs.